Our intake team for Psychiatric Assessment is staffed with licensed mental health professionals ready to listen and assess an individual’s situation. They are highly skilled in assessing crisis and responding appropriately.

Our specialized staff also provides compassionate support to our patients or families involved. Our clinical staff are available afterhours because we know crisis can happen any time, day or night.

Staff & Medical specialties

The clinical staff of Dade Family Counseling CMHC provides the highest quality care to those in need of treatment for mental health or substance abuse problems. Our team will help you begin taking positive steps to improve your quality of life.

All services are performed by licensed psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists and bachelor's level specialists when appropriate. Dade Family Counseling CMHC is licensed and/or accredited by the Joint Commission, the State of Florida Agency for Health care Administration, Florida Department of Children and Family Services, Medicare and Medicaid.

Our skilled, caring staff will help with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Psychotic Disorders, Substance Abuse, Mood Disorders, and Family Issues. We work with children, adolescents, adults and seniors in order to achieve recovery and offer a comprehensive solutions to the identified issues below.

Typical problems, symptoms, behaviors & diagnoses may include:

Anxiety Mood disorders Depression Post traumatic stress disorder Obsessive compulsive disorder Bipolar disorder Psychotic disorders Trauma Substance abuse/dependence Physical and sexual abuse Childhood problems & ADHD Family issues Schizophrenia Behavioral disorders Thought disorders Jail Diversion

Outpatient services include:

Group Therapy Individual Therapy Family Therapy Case Management Adult chemical dependency Intensive outpatient program Medication management Jail Diversion programs

How do I know if I need treatment?

Everyone has setbacks and difficulties. Learning to deal with feelings and problems affects every single human being. When we lose our ability to deal effectively, it may be time to seek professional help.

Some examples which might mean you need help can be:

› If you have experienced trauma or loss and can not cope.
› If emotional difficulties make it hard for you to function from day to day.
› If you are crying several times per day and feel overwhelmed by sadness.
› If you have no desire to leave your home or meet with friends or family.
› If you don’t want to get out of bed.
› If you can’t keep you (not bathing) or your home clean.
› If your relationships are not stable and children are impacted.
› If you often have trouble finding or keeping a job.
› If your child has academic problems at school.
› If your child is exhibiting behavioral problems in the home and/or school setting.
› If you or your child’s actions are harmful to yourselves or others.

Mental health treatment can help you identify and process your feelings more effectively. Talking about the problems and working with a therapist can help you process the issues that have held you, your partner or family from feeling more stable. By working with a treatment plan and identified goals, you will learn to cope and make more confident decisions and improve the impaired relationships.

If I seek therapeutic services for help, does it mean there is something wrong with me or my family member?

No, it does not. We all need to talk about our problems from time to time. Feedback from a professional can many times help us see a solution to the problems we face.

What are some of the benefits of therapy?

Therapy can offer unlimited benefits, some of which include your ability to:

› Reduce your level of stress.
› Set limits and boundaries with others.
› Choose healthy relationships.
› Better understand yourself.
› Manage your time, anger, and impulses.
› Be more productive.
› Find hope.
› Increase your self-confidence.
› Improve your marriage and family relationships.
› Be in charge of your life.

What should I expect when I call to schedule an appointment?

An Intake staff member will talk to you about your concerns and assist you with any insurance verifications. An appointment then will be scheduled with a licensed clinician to perform an intake assessment. After the initial intake is completed, you will be provided with recommendations for treatment that can range from a therapist to more formalized intensive treatment. Psychiatrists are available should medication be recommended. Note: Not all issues require medications.

If I begin therapy, how should I try to gain the most from it?

The most important step in gaining from therapy is recognizing you need the assistance. Working closely with the clinician to identify the treatment goals and plan is imperative.

Dade Family Counseling CMHC offers many approaches to therapy and the various formats in which it may occur — including individual, group, and family therapy. Despite the variations, all therapy is a two-way process that works when patients and their therapists communicate openly and when patients are present for all scheduled sessions and actively participate.

You and your therapist both have responsibilities in establishing and maintaining a good working relationship. Be clear with your therapist about your expectations and share any concerns that may arise.

How can I tell whether therapy is working?

As you begin therapy, you should establish clear goals with your therapist. Keep in mind that certain tasks require more time to accomplish than others. You may need to adjust your goals depending on you respond to the therapy. After a few sessions, you should feel a good rapport with your clinician and you should begin to have an idea of how therapy will work. This work is not always easy but relief from the issues is the goal for improving your quality of life.

How will I know when I’m done?

You and your therapist will periodically review your progress or any lack of progress and try to identify strategies to reach the treatment goals. Working together with clear communication will help both parties achieve the treatment outcomes.

Therapy isn’t easy. But clients who are willing to work in close partnership with their therapist often find relief from their emotional distress and begin to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

About Dade Family

Dade Family Counseling CMHC was started in August 2003 with the purpose of providing quality behavioral health services to the community of South Florida. Our goal has always been to best meet the needs of the client with the least restrictive short term therapeutic approach.

Dade Family Counseling Community Mental Health Center is a therapeutic center accredited by The Joint Commission since December 2008 for the treatment of emotional, psychiatric and substance abuse problems. Our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians provides intensive psychotherapy experiences that are important to each individual.

Additionally, each individual will develop supportive relationships with their psychiatrist, social workers, mental health counselors, registered nurses, mental health technicians and fellow patients.


Our Center Provides:

› A place to communicate both feelings and information.

› People taking responsibility for themselves and accepting help when they need it.

› People having mutual respect for each other and demonstrating that respect by maintaining confidence and creating a truthful, trusting and open atmosphere

› A safe place free from intimidation that impedes therapy.

› People working with families and friends to share information and gain valuable support

› We accept Medicare, Medicaid HMO’s and many private insurances.

› We provide transportation and breakfast/lunch to our Partial Hospitalization patients and can coordinate timely sessions for individual, family and couples counseling as needed

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